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Integrity: advocating credit, the pursuit of credibility, honest and trustworthy. To customers, partners, investors, with credit, credibility and sincerity to win respect, obtain support; To colleagues, to employees, to human resources, with honesty, responsibility and performance to gather energy, to obtain recognition. Advocate honest life, sincere work, sincere business.

Cooperation: sincere unity, honest communication, sincere cooperation. An enterprise is an organic whole. Internally, the goal should be unified, coordinated, mutually supported and of one mind among employees, departments and superiors, so as to fully stimulate the wisdom and strength of the group and maintain the orderly operation and benign interaction within the enterprise. Externally, we must have sufficient capacity to respond to changes and work together in a more open and sincere manner to pursue development.

Innovation: Advocating learning, bold exploration, dare to be the first. First of all, we should take learning as the foundation of life, the basis of continuous innovation, and the integration of advanced. Through diligent and solid individual and team learning, change the way of thinking and innovate ideas; Second, encourage innovation, tolerate failure, relax and optimize the environment for innovation; Third, the courage to reflect, dare to break through, continuous improvement, continuous improvement, the pursuit of perfection.