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What is the difference between pressure transmitter and pressure gauge?

Release time:2023-02-14Click:42

Difference between pressure transmitter and pressure gauge:

1. Precision demand

The standard instrument accuracy required for pressure transmitter calibration is much higher than that required for pressure gauge.

2. Check the relationship

Pressure gauges only need to check a pair of input/output relationships, whereas pressure transmitters may need to check the relationship between input and communication data.

3. Measurement qualification

Pressure gauge calibration must have the corresponding measurement qualification, pressure transmitter in addition to the production plant and new construction is generally not required.

4, check different

Pressure gauge accuracy is poor, no output, can not use the hand operator, generally check 5 points, back and forth difference is not the same. The intelligent pressure transmitter only needs to check zero and full range.

5. Display different

Pressure gauge output for scale indication, its own display ability. Pressure transmitter is current output, must be connected to the corresponding accuracy level of ammeter display.